Kerry's forest ideas out of step with political lobbying

Ian St. John istjohn at
Sat Jul 3 09:04:40 EST 2004

Larry Harrell wrote:
> July 1, 2004        The Salt Lake Tribune
> Bush camp says Kerry's stand on forests doesn't match Westerners'

The stand of the politicians is based on the high priced lobbying from the
logging companies. Is this a good basis for making decisisons?  Or should
the people have a say in the form of the environmental organisations that
they voluntarily support?

P.S. The 'attack ad' campaign of Bush is in sharp contrast to the positive
direction of the Kerry campaign. Maybe that is a good basis for judgment...
it shows the measure of the man..

The 'healthy forests initiative' is as likely to produce healthy forests as
Saddam Hussein is likely to get a 'fair trial' in a court populated by his
political enemies and exiled criminals illegally installed as a puppet
regime by the military forces of his biggest opponent.

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