Kerry's forest ideas out of step with political lobbying

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Sun Jul 4 13:43:56 EST 2004

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> >>> July 1, 2004        The Salt Lake Tribune
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> >>> Bush camp says Kerry's stand on forests doesn't match Westerners'
> >>
> >> The stand of the politicians is based on the high priced lobbying
> >> from the logging companies. Is this a good basis for making
> >> decisisons?  Or should the people have a say in the form of the
> >> environmental organisations that they voluntarily support?
> >>
> >
> > Blindly following the propaganda of those organizations should result
> > in political suicide for a candidate.
> So you believe that they should take the money for their political campaigns
> and to hell with the people. Fine.

Both sides take too much money from special interest groups but, it's
the people who vote. You're grasping at straws trying to paint
"Healthy Forests" as a form of corporate welfare. I also think you
have your own hidden agenda to bolster your own Canadian timber
industry. Again, when you have stopped clearcutting your own country's
timber, maybe someone will listen to you.

In the meantime, court cases have been going, overwhelmingly, to the
Forest Service. Science DOES triumph over "blatherings".

Larry,    Federal eco-forestry rules!

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