Kerry's forest ideas out of step with sound ecosystem management

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>> >> >> 1. If they start naturally, don't put them out.
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>> >> >That only works in wilderness areas and National Parks.
>> >> 
>> >> And national forests?  All places people shouldn't be building.
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>> >
>> >Ding ding ding.....we have another winner! How many people build on
>> >Forest Service lands?
>> > 
>> They build right on the edge of them.
>So, now you wish to impose your "preservationism" onto private

Nope, but tell them forest fires aren't going to be put out if they're 
natural and insurance isn't going to be subsidized, just like it should be 
when people build on the beach and a hurricane comes.

>How many acres would the Biscuit fire have burned if we
>hadn't sent an army to try and put it out? Natural forests survived
>fires quite well and benefitted from the low to moderate intensity
>burns. Today's firestorms burn at high intensity, kill even
>fire-adapted pines and sterilize soils.

One reason being we've put out natural fires that could have reduced a lot of 
the underbrush.

> You wish to preserve this
>tinderbox and produce the "Perfect Firestorm"? By allowing these
>massive fires to burn, you are actually allowing loggers to cut trees
>that wouldn't be cut in a "green sale". "Healthy Forests" will NOT
>make our forests fireproof but, it WILL increase their chances of
>surviving the fire.

All it will increase is timber company profits.

>All I've seen is "preservationis rhetoric" from the Democrats who
>didn't vote for "Healthy Forests". I would be interested in specifics
>on how they would deal with 12 million dead trees on the San
>Bernardino and a similar number on the Bitterroot. "Healthy Forests"
>has already "Daschle-ized" 20 million acres.
>Larry,    restoring National Forests, one tree at a time

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