Kerry's forest ideas out of step with political lobbying

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sat Jul 10 15:40:26 EST 2004

In article <ccbsvd$raa$10 at>, lparker at 
(Lloyd Parker) says...
> So who speaks for those of us who do not want the land we, the people, own 
> clear-cut and strip-mined?

Why, the politician who thinks you will vote for him, of course.  Or the 
fund raiser who thinks you will give her some money.  Who knows, some of 
them might even stay bought, for a while. 

The political process is no way to manage a forest.  Political power 
will change hands a dozen times or more in the harvest cycle of one 
tree.  The best thing you could do is hire some experts, tell them what 
you want, and shut up.  Of course, nobody is going to give up a 
political issue, so responsible management of public lands is 


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