Required Federal Burn Reforestation?

mhagen replyto at group.only
Wed Jul 28 12:58:52 EST 2004

  (from wildfire)," Ward said.
> Comment by poster: This bill is probably full of loopholes and fantasy
> plans. How long would it take to replant 500,000 acres of poorly
> accessible lands in the Biscuit fire? 20 years? 50 years?! Reality
> says that probably half that area is "practically unplantable". I also
> question the funding source. What does our government do with all that
> money generated from the tariffs, right now? Actually, burn salvage
> logging already sets aside money from the logs harvested in K-V funds,
> specifically earmarked for reforestation and stand improvement. I
> can't see this being passed, once Congress knows of the reality of the
> situation.
> Larry,    burn salvage expert

Yah, probably - but they planted the Tillamook Burn for decades and it's 
doing pretty well. The same with big burns up here.  Conversion to 
brush, then normal slow succession back into timber is a much longer 
process - centuries at best- and no one will be happy with it.  Let's 
bring back the CCC.

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