Forestry green thumb

David Dalton dalton at
Fri Jul 30 09:42:02 EST 2004

Forestry green thumb is not in wide range special abilities (but basic
green thumb is) and is much stronger for woody plants than the
woody plant component of basic green thumb.   However note
that some people have wide range special abilities with added
topup to forestry green thumb level and I will denote those on the
list below by   wr+fgt and the rest just have forestry green thumb.

One I have mentioned with forestry green thumb is Giselle, a BC
native member of Friends of Clayoquot Sound.

One hundred more are:

A. some other species members with it
1. the oldest male gibbon in the Toronto zoo
2. the youngest male black bear in the Hong Kong zoo
3. the milk giving cow in Salmonier nature park in Newfoundland
4. the Paramount Studios leopard
5. the dingo in the Tehran zoo
6. the oldest female caribou in the Cairo zoo
7. the youngest as of today flying squirrel in the Chester zoo
8. the female panda bear in the Rio zoo
9. the youngest as of today female chimpanzee in the Calgary zoo
10. the only parrot in the zoo of the town of Kilkenny

B.some humans from Labrador
11. Harry Martin's daughter
12. Shirley Montague
13. Paul Rich's youngest daughter
14. the mayor of Wesleyville
15. Jacinta Beals' web page designer

C. some from Newfoundland
16. Misel Joe's wife
17. Barry Canning    (bless Bannerman?)
18. the mother of the mayor of Grand Falls
19. Peter Fenwick
20. Tyrone Fewer's son Tyrone in Lake View/North Arm/Chapel's Cove
          Conception Bay Central

D. some more from BC
21. the Musqueam chief's grandson
22. the current (today) Haida spiritual leader in Vancouver wr+fgt
23. the Keremeos high school principal
24. the youngest doctor in Prince Rupert
25. the woman blues musician in Courtney (Courtnay?), BC

E. more from the rest of Canada
26. the Banff centre for fine arts vegie chef
27, Moosejaw library head librarian
28. Brandon largest elementary school    principal
29. Thunder Bay mayor's husband
30. the Sherbrooke mayor
31. Frederickton newspaper sports editor
32. Acadia University Dean of Arts
33. Stompin' Tom Connors
34. Whitehorse smallest high school boys phys ed teacher
35. Tellowknife oldest male doctor
36. Resolute Bay native chief

F. some from the US
37. Anchorage main newspaper's editor
38. Garth Brooks
39. Maria Shriver
40. the Buffalo Sabres main goalie last season
41. South Carolina governor's son

G. some from central and south america
42. Brazil national TV boss's administrative assistant
43. Brazilia mayor's father
44. Wade Davis's best friend in Argentina   wr+fgt
45. Mexico national radio female late night news announcer
46. the Nicaragua president
47. Cuba's minister of forestry
48. the main female Borneo native spiritual leader wr+fgt
49. Suharto's son
50. Kuala Lumpur's mayor's son
51. South Korea president's wife
52. Cambodia leader's youngest first cousin
53. UBC Forestry Ph.D. alumnus now in Tibet  wr+fgt
54. North Korea minister of defense
55. Raise the Red Lantern movie husband  wr+fgt
56. Michelle Yeoh of Crouching Tiger   Hidden Dragon    movie
57. Jackie Chan
58. the sister of Xiao Yu the pipa player on Uzume Taiko's CD Chirashi
59. New Dehli university president's father
60. Bollywood Ash's youngest first cousin
61. Sarah McLachlan's pen pal now in Cambodia
62. Pakistan minister of health's mother

H. some in Australia, New Zealand and nearby
63. Paul Hogan's only niece as of today
64. the Australian who holds the most Olympic gold medals in
            his or her career as of today
65. Auckland mayor's husband
66. Java female head Buddhist nun
67. Papua New Guinea university head of English department

I. some in Europe (but I don't know where the internet names are
    but some are in Europe I think)
68. Waterford city mayor  wr+fgt
69. Belfast smallest university dean of law
70.  Banff, Scotland head librarian
71. Llangollen, Wales youngest doctor
72. David Monk of alt.religion.druid    wr+fgt
73. Turista of alt.religion.druid  
74. Brendan Myers once of alt.religion.druid
75. Primitive Jim of alt.religion.druid and alt.native  wr+fgt
76. Wayne George of alt.native
77. Yorune of alt.religion.shamanism
78. Silversong of alt.religion.shamanism  wr+fgt
79. Shez of alt.religion.wicca.moderated   wr+fgt
    oops I numbered Shez 78 again on paper so I will have 
    101 in this list
80. Doug O'Neal once of soc.religion.paganism
81. Manny Olds of alt.religion.asatru and 
                            soc.religion.paganism  wr+fgt
82. Dirk Bruer of alt.religion.asatru   wr+fgt
83. Monica Bellucci's ex-lover in France
84.  Berlin deputy mayor
85. Bern, Switerland stock exchange head's administrative assistant
86. Holland minister of tourism   wr+fgt
87. Belgium leader's wife   wr+fgt
88. Robin Adams, head of IASPEI at IUGG (International Union
          of Geodesy and Geophysics) 1987   wr+fgt
89. St. Petersburg's mayor
90. Moscow mayor's administrative assistant as of today  wr+fgt
91.   Siberia capital's deputy mayor   wr+fgt
92. the Ukraine leader
93. Slovakia leader    wr+fgt
94. Sophia Loren
95. Greek minister of defense   wr+fgt
96. Marcos's granddaughter  wr+fgt
97. Lisbon largest university's president
98. Crete best restaurant's head chef    wr+fgt
99.  Azores' bishop   wr+fgt
100.  Miquelon mayor    wr+fgt
101.  Solomon Islands' just-ordained bishop    wr+fgt

Followups set to al.religion.druid   .



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