"Natural forest devastation"?

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 18:13:02 EST 2004

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> Larry Harrell wrote:
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> > Most mills have already been retooled and the amount of big log mills
> > left in this country could probably be counted on two hands.
> Gee. That isn't perhaps why they are so 'hot' on taking trees out as part of
> the 'tinder reduction program' not would it. Finally admitting the main
> economic focus of the 'new forest' initiative.

No one is going to do that labor-intensive work for free. Economics
has to be at least considered, even on small-scale projects. Your own
government subsidizes your own timber projects, which clearcut public
lands and sells the wood to American developers.

I've also seen that the American courts have upheld 14 out of 14
projects that have been taken to court by "preservationist" lawyers.
This is how Democracy and "Healthy Forests" is supposed to work.

> > In my
> > part of the USA, Ian, cogen plants already get agricultural waste for
> > pennies.
> Then turn it into alcohol. I am merely pointing out the advantages, since
> this would remove the 'tinder' instead of thet 'timber' and make money.
> I really wasn't talking to you, Larry. I know your answer before you start
> blubbering.

Before this current "gas crisis", co-gen plants would pay for the
transportation costs of those very small trees. The logger would have
to eat all his costs for removing that material. One way or another, a
subsidy IS required to reduce/remove those fuels.

I was only AGREEING with you about putting that kind of material to
good use. It's YOU who's the one blubbering about things you know
nothing about. Your attempts to paint me as a timber beast and Bush
sycophant (my postings speak for themselves) just show how desperate
you, as a non-American, want to influence our public and eliminate any
chance of compromise for our National Forests. It is unfortunate that
you choose to promote hypocracy on this global "stage".

Larry,     a true environmentalist

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