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How are you? And hope all is well?

You might be surprise to receive this mail but I will like you to go through it carefully before responding, I hope at the end it will find you and your business in the best of interest. Let me quickly introduce myself and the reason why contacting you is very important. I am Juliana Ngoma; I am a senior staff at the Office of the Minister of Petroleum Affairs Angola.

I have traveled along side with the Minister Jose Botelho de Vasconcelos to your country in search of investors that will come and invest on our Petroleum Sector, it was in one of this trip that I was opportune to realize that the trips been made by the Minister is not for the search for an investor but for the search for what he will invest part of the Money made from Angolan petroleum Export that he has diverted to be his own. I was shocked at this discovery, but I later realized that I was the only one among other staffs that was not aware of these happenings, investigation into this matter made me to know that even the president is involved. I suddenly realized that the BBC news achieve below is true.

I arrived from the trip I made with the minister and went straight to confront my Head of Department, and he told me that he is aware of the whole situation, he went further to show me some documents that was used to bank some millions of American Dollars in a security firm, he explained to me that the amount was realized from the assistance he rendered to Foreign oil Contractors that are in Angola, he said I should assist him in the search for a reputable and trust worthy business man that can assist us in transferring the funds to a safe place where it will be used for Future Investment, this is because he cannot be able to carry out the process of investing the amount alone.

I am therefore asking for your opinion on this issue, will you be able to assist us in the process of transferring, claiming and investing the money of which some percentage of the total amount involved will be granted to you for assisting us and for the time you spent on the transaction.

If you are willing to assist kindly provide details of how you can be reached either by phone or by fax so that we can proceed to conclude this transaction. You can contact me on my email infojuliana at

Yours Truly, 

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