"Natural forest devastation"?

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>>>>>>>> Comment from poster: Good forestry can mitigate many of the
>>>>>>>> impacts of drought through thinning, fuels reduction projects
>>>>>>>> and controlled burning. Nowhere in the article does it even
>>>>>>>> mention active management. Do these "scientists" really ever
>>>>>>>> get out there in the woods (this decade)?
>>>>>>>> Larry,    in the woods, everyday
>>>>>>> Larry, I agree, but active management includes cutting large
>>>>>>> numbers of small caliper trees and then doing something with
>>>>>>> those trees, meaning re-tooling of mills and creating markets,
>>>>>>> etc. I, personally, would avoid that topic when talking to a
>>>>>>> reporter, because it creates tangents.
>>>>> Yep, we can't let facts get in the way of a good story.
>>>>>> Rather than retool mills to try to use the wood as lumber, why
>>>>>> not chip it and use it to produce 'cellose ethanol' as fuel???
>>>>>> You could include everything down to the leaf litter!
>>>>> Most mills have already been retooled and the amount of big log
>>>>> mills left in this country could probably be counted on two hands.
>>>> Gee. That isn't perhaps why they are so 'hot' on taking trees out
>>>> as part of the 'tinder reduction program' not would it. Finally
>>>> admitting the main economic focus of the 'new forest' initiative.
>>>>> In my
>>>>> part of the USA, Ian, cogen plants already get agricultural waste
>>>>> for pennies.
>>>> Then turn it into alcohol. I am merely pointing out the advantages,
>>>> since this would remove the 'tinder' instead of thet 'timber' and
>>>> make money.
>>>> I really wasn't talking to you, Larry. I know your answer before
>>>> you start blubbering.
>>> Think, Ian.  Alcohol serves as fuel.  The cogen faciliites are no
>>> doubt using the wood for fuel, bypassing all of the processing steps
>>> involved in alcohol production.  You don't want to use cellulose to
>>> produce alcohol, just because it's a "cool" thing to do.
>> No. I want to convert it to alcohol because a liquid fuel, suitable
>> for mobile vehicles, is more *valueable* than simple heat, and burn
>> more cleanly with more of the nutrient recoverable for fertiliser
>> from the waste outflow.
> It's a COGEN facility.  It's not on wheels ... you can't drive it.

Really. I was suggesting an alternative use of the wood. I do not
understand, even though I know that you are VERY dim, how you could derive
this idiotic statement from it.

> The fossil fuel saved by using the fuel value of wood waste is still
> helping the environment, because it is displacing even more fossil
> fuel than you would if you processed it into ethanol to displace
> gasoline.

Not shown. The reason that alcohol is more valueable than wood is precisely
because it displace more energy than simply burning it for electricity. The
combustion of wood for fuel is also notoriously inefficient due to water
content and... conversion to alcohol does not have these flaws and the
nutrient content is preserved for fertiliser use.

> I repeat - you don't want to produce ethanol just because
> it's a cool thing to do.

Sure. And you don't want to burn wood for electricity because it is what
everyone expects.

Anytime you are ready to debate me on number, go ahead.

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