"Natural forest devastation"?

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> One way or another, a
> subsidy IS required to reduce/remove those fuels.

June 4, 2004        Arizona Daily Sun

Governor signs forest health bill that gives tax incentive

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PHOENIX -- Companies that locate in forest communities to help clear
out small trees and underbrush will get a tax break under the terms of
legislation signed into law Thursday by Gov. Janet Napolitano.
The governor acknowledged that the measure approved by lawmakers does
not include all of the things she wanted. But she called it "a
double'' -- as opposed to a home run -- and said it is part of what
she hopes will become a more comprehensive plan next session.

Napolitano also inked her approval to legislation to make cross
burning a crime and make more widows, widowers and disabled people
eligible for a property tax break.

The forest legislation allows a firms that hire at least 20 new people
to get a state corporate or personal income tax credit that could be
equal to up to one half of the salary paid to these workers. There
also are exemptions from having to pay sales taxes for the purchase of
certain equipment.

Backers said the idea is to replace the state's now defunct logging
industry with companies that process wood, helping to reduce the fuel
that feeds fires. But critics noted that only half of what these
companies harvest would have to be from small trees and brush, with
the rest potentially being larger trees if they can get permission of
the U.S. Forest Service.

The measure also seeks to create a market for some of what is
manufactured by requiring the state to contract to buy electricity
generated by the burning of "biomass'' produced from forest products.

Comment by poster: Some states are seeing the light and acting to
reduce fire risks and danger. Others hope to continue to dodge the
many bullets headed their way. What is your state doing?

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