Objectivist ignorance about the environment

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> Environmentalists went home with egg on their face.

Staples, you are a good man! You see and report facts.

> news:10cn2efojgs6t0a at corp.supernews.com...
> There is a famous expression in forestry, "it depends".  Plantation growth
> is not like old growth, it is grown for fiber, and the rotation is generally
> shorter than the time for tree maturity.  However, if a plantation is left
> alone, or better, managed, it can become old growth with associated ecology.
> Will it be exactly the same as what was here 300 years ago, probably not,
> but old growth never the less.
> Short take on a long story.  Texas was cut over stump pastures by the
> 1920's, it was replanted by the Triple C boys.  1990's saw a push to save
> the "wilderness and old growth" in Texas from harvest (heavy beetle
> infestations, needed to be thinned, or lost timber) wilderness areas were
> identified, only to prove to be old age plantations.  Complete with
> endangered birds (Red Cockaded Woodpeckers), and other critters (cats).
> Environmentalists went home with egg on their face.
> Old growth forests can be monocultures just like pine plantations.  Old
> growth in the south was southern yellow pine in burning areas, and hardwood
> in the wetter areas.  The pine was so heavy as to have a complete crown, no
> sun on the ground, no understory, no brush, and reportedly "You can see for
> hundreds of yards through the woods".
> Obviously, I am a southern forester, your mileage may vary in other parts of
> the woods.

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