Senate panel reviews Healthy Forests implementation

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Mon Jun 21 18:47:23 EST 2004

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lhfotoware at (Larry Harrell) says...

> You can bet, this being an election year, that the review of "Healthy
> Forests" will generate maximum spin from both political machines. The
> Democrats will say that not enough is being done to reduce the fire
> threat. The Republicans will say that their hands are still tied by
> the legal system. The finger pointing will escalate as the fire season
> gets into full swing. Also, expect funds to be taken from project
> money by fire suppression....AGAIN.

We are all hoping for a mild fire season.  It could happen.  A little 
rain at the right time, some cloudy days and luck, and we could get by 
without many forest fires.  We have had a lot of bad years, so the doom 
prophets are on a roll, but we can at least hope for a little breather.


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