Senate panel reviews Healthy Forests implementation

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Tue Jun 22 08:47:46 EST 2004

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> > You can bet, this being an election year, that the review of "Healthy
> > Forests" will generate maximum spin from both political machines. The
> > Democrats will say that not enough is being done to reduce the fire
> > threat. The Republicans will say that their hands are still tied by
> > the legal system. The finger pointing will escalate as the fire season
> > gets into full swing. Also, expect funds to be taken from project
> > money by fire suppression....AGAIN.
> We are all hoping for a mild fire season.  It could happen.  A little 
> rain at the right time, some cloudy days and luck, and we could get by 
> without many forest fires.  We have had a lot of bad years, so the doom 
> prophets are on a roll, but we can at least hope for a little breather.

In some parts of the West, a mild fire season is just not possible.
Southern California got very little rain after the floods of last
fall. The San Bernardino is very dead and very dry, promising extreme
fire danger throughout the summer (People will be pissed when they
aren't allowed in the National Forest because of fire danger).

The northern Rockies have been cool and wet but, how long can that
last? The southern Rockies are plenty dry and any moisture will be
accompanied by lightning. The Sierras are drier than average and fire
season is picking up. I heard the unmistakable sound of an airtanker
the other day. I think the northwest has been about average and,
you're right Larry, anything can happen.

Larry,     in my line of work:   fire=money

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