North Kaibab Fuels Project Update

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Wed Jun 30 07:09:21 EST 2004

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> Larry Harrell wrote:
> > Tuesday, June 29, 2004   Washington Post
> >
> > National Forests Fall Victim to Firefighting
> > Plan to Protect Residences Costs Trees, Money
> The obvious problem with 'fuel reduction' is that it is really a false front
> for commercial logging. The trees are selected on the basis of fitting the
> capacity of the sawmill, not on the basis of their fire danger.
> A more rational approach would eliminate mostly the small tinder and chip it
> for use in cellulose ethanol, engineered wood products, etc. while
> preserving as much of the character of the old growth and the ecosystem as
> possible.

Tell me please.... What do you do with the dozens of 12-24" dbh trees
per acre that are excess? Excess meaning that bigger and better trees
need the water and nutrients. Excess meaning that those trees to be
removed provide "ladder fuels" to those bigger and better trees. Tell
me also how we deal with the fuels buildups. It is prohibitively
labor-intensive and not cost effective to manually remove just the
unmerchantable fuels.

We all know that you live in a fantasy land of endless wilderness,
where Republicans have been eliminated and you are proclaimed King
Guru, Ian. People are smarter than that, though. They've seen through
the smoke and mirrors of the eco-INDUSTRY. It too "extracts" business
from our wilderness with impacts that are finally being understood.

Larry,     in the woods, everyday

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