A story of one death.

Nadia nadi67 at bk.ru
Wed Jun 30 18:03:32 EST 2004

I live in a small town. My husband-Armenian had leaved me when I
already was pregnant. I am a yard man. My salary is about $50 per
month. My daughter grew up as a very nice girl in spite of our
destitution. When she was sixteen my daughter went on the lake near
the town to be resting together with two girls of the same age.
Suddenly one young man began to demand to form a sexual association
with my daughter. She refused his request. The young man had beated
the daughters head with a stone and killed her. At the same time a
killers friend threatened two other young girls with a pistol. After
that these killers lay down my daughter into a boat and drowned she in
the middle of the lake. Both a diver which took up my daughter and a
correspondent of one television canal were sure that there was a
murder here, but the message on TV set canal was my daughter had
drowned. In a morgue my daughter had been painted to hide signs of the
murder. Police qualified this murder as an accident. The cause of such
the incredible events was the killer is a son of high rank bureaucrat.
Two young girls said me the details of the murder confidentially, but
refused to confirm it openly. All the circumstances are well known in
police, but they said me go away when I asked them to institute
proceedings against the killer. I have no any sense in my life now,
but I want to pay attention of people with the help of national
newspapers. I saw by cinema that correspondents pay money per
information in some countries . There is an opposite situation here. I
must pay some thousands dollars to a newspaper to publish my story.
Help me please with any money. My number in the E-Gold web payment
system: 1172288

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