"Healthy Forests" bait and switch?

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 08:58:21 EST 2004

"Le Messurier" <Churchill at cox.net> wrote in message news:<9a24e52ed3e382238755155e71499239 at news.teranews.com>...
> Bush's original request in Healthy Forests was for 2 billion; he got $760
> mil.  Now he won't even fund that!  What a travesty.  I can't in good moral
> conscience vote for Kerry, but now my vote for Bush is very doubtful.  I
> hope all of us here will write to our Senators and Congressmen to protest.

That may not be needed, as they should be just as angry about being
hoodwinked. In the end, it's going to be the taxpayers that will
suffer. A likely scenario will be that projects will be proposed, work
will be done preparing the project and then courts will shut down the
project. Everyone loses except the lawyers. Would Kerry implement
"Healthy Forests" as President? I'm pretty sure that he voted for it.
Anyone know?

Larry,   hoping Congress will fully fund forest restoration

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