"Healthy Forests" bait and switch?

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Sun Mar 7 15:25:58 EST 2004

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> I answered in a personal e-mail some of his concerns but,

...Lar, if that "his" is me, hanson, as the google posting sequence
seems to indicate, then I did not get any e-mail from you. My
e-mail handle is not public. My stuff originates from 35-45K ft up,
from god knows where, then goes over various relays into earthlink.
Just please post what you have e-mailed. If it is urgent or of a highly
confidential nature then post so and I'll be in touch with you in a
few weeks via the above lhfotoware at hotmail.com . Thanks, Lar.

> I do have some new information about how the Forest Service
> is reacting to serve the public's recreational concerns on the
> San Bernardino National Forest.  I'm not sure if the money
>from this project comes from the Demo Fee but here goes.

> We will be spraying healthy trees for bark beetles in recreational,
> administrative and interpretive sites throughout the San Bernardino
> National Forest. Trees near streams and other houses will not be
> sprayed. This is an emergency response to a continuing bark beetle
> problem associated with the drought. Fortunately, they're getting
> nearly normal rainfall down there and we'd like to see the forest
> stabilize somewhat. Private landowners who paid big bucks to have
> their dead trees removed are seeing additional mortality in their
> remaining trees. The power company will be cutting tens of thousands
> of dead trees that threaten their power lines. Tree service companies
> are making a killing off the dead trees.
> We're not finished with this diasaster yet. Only by throwing
> exorbitant amounts of money at this problem will it go away. The
> problems are so big and the time to correct them (in a fiscally
> sensible way) is so small. Despite the posted article elsewhere in
> this thread, salvaging some of that timber (using sound ecological
> methods) will be good for what's left of that ecosystem.
> Unfortunately, the nearest mill (5 hours away, one way) has a full log
> yard. We all just have to accept that too many of those dead trees
> will fall over and become fuel for the next high intensity fire that
> is overdue.
> This is what the "preservationism" of the LA area has done to their
> forests. There has been no timber management there for 10
> years....recreation only.
> Larry,    looking for healthy trees to save

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