LA Times: Trees are disappearing from urban areas

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> By John Balzar, Times Staff Writer --- Los Angeles
> Trees are disappearing from urban areas.
> .....trees may wind up like covered bridges, a quaint part of
> America's past. Within a generation, perhaps only 6% of our cities
> will be shaded by trees - with the corresponding reduction in the
> quality of our lives.,1,1212248.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Tam, I don't know about you, but this Balzar is not even a green
turd. He just talks plain shit. Anybody, who drives over one of those
150-200 ft high Freeway intersections, in the entire LA basin, will
look down onto a Forested Landscape with houses barely visible.

The LA Basin is today much greener and much more forested then
it was 30 years ago, and a hundred years ago it was desert with
some few trees and a brush here and there. Balzar seems to be
one of these specimens that uses "environment" to make a buck.

His MO is so typical of the current breed of environmentalists who
are responsible for the perversion and molestation of an originally
noble idea. As can be seen they use the "environment" at any cost
and for any reason, in the most bizarre ways imaginable to

    *** make $$money$$ by misusing  environmentalism ***

Modern, current green turdism is so vile because these bastards,
such green shits, expanded enviromentalism successfully into

*********     "Create a fear and feed off it".  *********

This is the reason why there is the growing realization that the
green shits have become recognized to be so bad and evil, that

== "Environment" was not mentioned at all in Pres. Bush's ==
==  2004 State of the Union, and NEITHER was any mention ==
== of it in the rebuttals by the Democrats. And now, RALPH ==
== NADER, 2000 Green Party Pres. Candidate has distanced ==
== himself from the green shits and runs as an Independent!==

== One of the saddest legacy that the green turds produced ==
== is the  pervasive trickle down effect aka OUTSOURCING  ==

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