"Healthy Forests" bait and switch?

Ian St. John istjohn at noemail.ca
Tue Mar 9 13:23:27 EST 2004

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> > Rather, the self declared 'forestry experts' like Larry have been
> > advice for decades on how to maximize logging in the forest, pushing
> > you can stop forest fires' to maximize the wood accumulation for lumber
> > extraction, and only now are changing their 'expertise' to push chopping
> > down the forests for fire reduction. The only consistency they have is
> > promoting logging. Why should we believe they are right now when they
> > promoted the exact policies that led to the overgrowth??? And it was
> > environmentalist who explained the natural forest cycles and pushed for
> > controlled burns to reduce fuels, not these losers.
> >
> > >
> > > Larry,    looking for healthy trees to save
> > but satisfied that every tree he sees is diseased or crowded and must be
> > extracted to the local sawmill.
> Typical blatherings for someone who doesn't know the ecology of our
> pine forests. I've stated my opinions and observations

Yes. I note that you do not respond to the meat of my point and additionally
your defense is that you don't give a shit?

> and I don't
> care if one Canadian is not convinced.

Ah. You rely on patriotism. This is a good illustration of why your
'expertise' is questionable.

> Most Americans will trust me to
> do what is right for the land. Since you fear what you don't know,
> you'll just have to watch us work. The rest of Americans who distrust
> will have to see us in court.

In other words, you will not present any scientific evidence to support your
claims, just a bleery 'sue me' defiance? I see. What wonders we see here in
the international debate...

> Larry,     been at both extremes and didn't like them
so he created a third extreme and liked his own creation very much.

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