"Healthy Forests" bait and switch?

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> Basically, I replied that I am a small fish in a big pond but, "I feel
> your pain".  Get involved and write your Congressmen or go
> ahead and express yourself to the District Rangers, Forest Supervisor
> and the Regional Forester. They all claim to WANT your input so
> give it to them. Sincerely,    Larry

Larry,    I have been for many, many years involved far deeper
than that. I worked for my Cong. as the Biz/Govt.-relations dude.
I been active on the advisory boards for water and air quality. I do
know what green shit is going down & went down. I was first hand
witness to the emergence and evolution of -- OUTSOURCING ---
It is not only the doings of the enviro shits. The opposition, the
Right-wingers, as the evniro-greenies love to call them, got wise
to their schemes and scams fast and responded in the same way:
"if it's green, never mind the "enviro"... go after then green money"

The resulting corruption, backroom dealing and connivances will
make you puke green. It was and is this unholy alliance between
regulators and big business that killed 100'000 of Ma&Pa businesses
and forced scores of the self-employed onto the unemployment lines.
This was an ill- and un-forseen move that consequently fanned the
winds and forced the big boys into    -- OUTSOURCING --.
It is the little biz guys that I was and I am fighting with/for, because
their disappearance will have far bigger and worse consequences
then just the irreversible damages caused by  -- OUTSOURCING --.
I hope that two things will get thru this green fog of war by my
cajoling of the net:

1) ... that the low level enviro regulators do see that they are not
working FOR the environment but that they are abusing it by making
it harder to impossible for the people who do actually WORK in the
environments, to make it healthy and clean, and that by their reg.
interference they'll only fill the $ million pockets of their politically
appointed agency bosses who do not have any jobskills to speak of.

2) ... that the little green idiots here on the use net do realize that
they have been had, have been used and abused and that they do
not even realize that they fell victim to a gigantic green jerk off.

But you know that, Larry, and so you too should keep on trying
to bring back some sanity into environmentalism, in your own way
and by your own means..........Enviro shit will choke us far sooner
that all the doom-day crying by the little green idiots will!

What I rail against is exactly the same thing you do, Larry: that some
fucking fanatical and ignorant book worm comes on the scene, having
never been at nor worked in the field he is whining about, but has the
gall to tell you how to do your job. This does not only happen on the
Usenet. This green shit happens on every level in the real world.

It is these real world green turds that are responsible for permit
charges and user fees. The little green idiots who loudly whine on
the use net here, will of course never see a dime from these extorted
fees. Most do not even realize that they are very effectively USED
as the background music to make money for the real green shits.
The prize for the little green idiots on the use net is that they can
keep on dreaming and cajoling about the "environment" while the
real green sharpies, like enviro-regulators, heads of green orgs.
and a few eco-consultants continue to rake in the big green dough.

= Environmentalism is just a despicable, evil money (green) game =
=  without any redeeming value, nor any intent to save anything.  =

To spur on the little green idiots there are bunch of EPA- and other
green turd agency regulator posters on sci.enviro, sci.chem and
others, posting during their working hours, stealing effectively
tax payers money.

Luckily it is no longer only me who sees the real face of "enviro".
The public by'n large got wise to the green shenanigans too and
knows that environmentalism is so bad and evil that

== "Environment" was not mentioned at all in Pres. Bush's ==
==  2004 State of the Union, and NEITHER was any mention ==
== of it in the rebuttals by the Democrats. And now, RALPH ==
== NADER, 2000 Green Party Pres. Candidate has distanced ==
== himself from the green shits and runs as an Independent!==

== One of the saddest legacy that the green turds produced ==
== is the  pervasive trickle down effect aka OUTSOURCING  ==

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