"Healthy Forests" bait and switch?

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Wed Mar 10 12:15:35 EST 2004

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> > > Things are so fucked up with this forest stuff, in large
> > > part because of the enviro turds, who with their mania for
> > > permit charges and user fees have disturbed an originally
> > > pretty well working environmental and administrative system.
> > > It got so bad that even Disneyland got into the act and intends
> > > to administer the National Forests (Not Parks) but only if
> > > USFS will deliver them a fee collection system in place, the
> > > (1996 Fee Demo legislation) with user-fees amounting for
> > > anybody to pay $5.- for walking cross country in any Nat.
> > > Forest where there are NO Govt. improvements nor any
> > > govt. services. IOW pay to walk on your own public lands!
> > >

> So much for the Conservative mantra of unlimited access!  I guess we
> won't have to bulldoze the wilderness now to allow whellchair access!

What "Conservative mantra of unlimited access!"?  Environmentalism
goes from the far right to the far left. The biggest, super green enviros
are very rich and very liberal, ...Redford, Turner, Streisand, Brando....
They have bought at lot of wilderness, in their name, and exercise good
environmental stewardship over and for it, limiting the access. 
(see below about its future) Are you cursing only their rich side, 
but being very happy when they donate liberally?

> > [Larry]
> > Those who do choose to buy a yearly pass should
> > have some kind of "VIP status" when visiting popular areas.
> So mush for equal access ideal.
> And they can enter the Park on the Toll road for richies!

You mean rich Liberals like Redford, Turner, Streisand, Brando....

To make you happy, Donald, do know that they do not need
any Toll road. These liberal richies do have and own their
own personal parks (see above). It is a great and safe way to
protect their fortunes. Their green properties will be ready for
sale to the developers some 30-40 years hence by their grandkids
who will be cashing in their inheritance.......ahahahahahaha....
.....after the current, poor green fanatics have died off.....
There are some very smart greenies around, Donald.
Very liberal ones at that..........ahahahahaha........

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