A promise to America...wasRe: "Healthy Forests" bait and switch?

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Wed Mar 10 13:05:41 EST 2004

"Larry Harrell" <lhfotoware at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> I promise the American public that I will do what is right for the
> land, within the laws, rules and policies on government land. I also
> invite ANY American to look at my work, and maybe even learn something
> about the "new" Forest Service. We can't ask you to just trust us,
> because of our past. Trust HAS to be earned! Give us a chance to earn
> some trust. Listen to us talk, watch us like a hawk, and make us walk
> the walk. No B.S. If we can't follow our own plans, the courts WILL
> shut us down.
> Larry,   a true environmentalist

I'll take you up on that, Larry: 
First, get together with the green activists on this Fee-Demo issue, folks like
"Bob Bartsch" <rsbartsch at earthlink.net>
"Scott Silver" <ssilver at wildwilderness.org>, http://www.wildwilderness.org/
Alasdair & Lauren <sespewild at earthlink.net>
Michael Zierhut <zierhutm at ojai.net>, http://www.freeourforests.org/

Then call on Congs DeFazio and Bradley, both proponents to restore 
your funding AND to get rid of the Fee Demo.

Terminating this ghastly Fee-Demo will assure that:
You will get this summer the goodwill of some 6-10 million visitors.
You will get back a lot of volunteers to clean and maintain trails
in the National Forests (NOT the Nat. PARK system)
And as a personal benefit to you forest rangers, you'll be greeted 
again with friendliness and joy by the visitors.
You will even get volunteers to observe the loggers-contractors for
checking whether they do a good job when "thinning".

A lot of good things will happen once you remove the Fee-Demo Prog.
for forest visitors and disregard the intimidation attempts by fanatical, 
far way green shits on the net. 

People do care! --- but enviro turds are in it for green $$ only!

I wish you luck, Larry

I'll be in touch, dude.

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