Old-growth trees to fall in the Sierra

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Thu Mar 11 09:25:53 EST 2004

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> That "educating the public" is standard green shit. That's con, passé, dude.
> Give short, concise answers, in a *nontechnical fashion*, to me, the public.
> I, me, John Q Public, pays the bill in a clear, unmistakable way that you guys
> do understand. For THAT, I do expect answers back in the same unmistakable
> clear way.
> [hanson]
> > > Ian, shut the fuck up till Larry has posted. After all, you are 1500 miles
> > > away from the Sierra. Hold your horses and don't be an enviro shit.
> >
> [hanson]
> Thanks for holding back, Ian! Now, let lose, Ian.

Since I am NOT a GS-12 Public Information Officer, and I am not an
official mouthpiece for the Forest Service, I can only direct your
questions to the proper authorities. I am also not a tenured
academician who has all the time (and interns) in the world to
research whatever they want to talk about. I'm just a "field grunt"
who is tired of the Forest Service not defending itself against the
multitude of lies published. (Example: "Stop the Forest Service from
clearcutting our roadless areas!") Being in the middle of the road on
forestry issues, I get shot at from both sides. I don't get paid to
post here and am not authorized by the Forest Service to post here. My
main aim is to balance the public's view of how their Forest Service
works and to correct the mistakes (knowingly and unknowningly) of the
media and the people who post it (to push forth their own slanted

Maybe the Regional Forester's speech to Congress will help?


"Forests with a Future" is the name for the partially re-written

Now, I have to think about earning some of those tax dollars. Saving
trees again.....ho-hum.

Larry,     a true environmentalist

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