Old-growth trees to fall in the Sierra

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Thu Mar 11 12:31:29 EST 2004

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"Larry Harrell" says:
> I'm just a "field grunt" who is tired of the Forest Service not
>  defending itself against the multitude of lies published.

I must give you kudos for showing loyalty and having interest
and pride in the job you are going. That's a rare commodity.
Don't get discouraged with posting. Express your convictions,
but don't to it with/thru' enviro shit and by laying green turds.

$$-environmentalists-$$, their enablers and little green idiots
are placing such enviro turdsim already all over in abundance
and with abandon. State your issue, complaint or whatever, in
a concise, nontechnical, short way. You must convince the many,
not one or two loud self styled cyber-environmentalists.
Carry on, Larry,

"Larry Harrell" <lhfotoware at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> "hanson" <hanson at quick.net> wrote in message
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> > That "educating the public" is standard green shit. That's con, passé,
> > dude. Give short, concise answers, in a *nontechnical fashion*,
> > to me, the public.  I, me, John Q Public, pays the bill in a clear,
> > unmistakable way that you guys do understand. For THAT, I do
> > expect answers back in the same unmistakable clear way.
> >
> Since I am NOT a GS-12 Public Information Officer, and I am not an
> official mouthpiece for the Forest Service, I can only direct your
> questions to the proper authorities. I am also not a tenured
> academician who has all the time (and interns) in the world to
> research whatever they want to talk about. I'm just a "field grunt"
> who is tired of the Forest Service not defending itself against the
> multitude of lies published. (Example: "Stop the Forest Service from
> clearcutting our roadless areas!") Being in the middle of the road on
> forestry issues, I get shot at from both sides. I don't get paid to
> post here and am not authorized by the Forest Service to post here. My
> main aim is to balance the public's view of how their Forest Service
> works and to correct the mistakes (knowingly and unknowningly) of the
> media and the people who post it (to push forth their own slanted
> views).
> Maybe the Regional Forester's speech to Congress will help?
> http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/news/testimony-speeches/t-jb-022804.html
> "Forests with a Future" is the name for the partially re-written
> Framework.
> Now, I have to think about earning some of those tax dollars. Saving
> trees again.....ho-hum.
> Larry,     a true environmentalist

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