The "New" Forest Service

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> > One step at a time!  Maybe the Enviros will be for the forests instead of
> > just the trees.  But I won't hold my breath.  Not a long as they continue to
> > be PACs by another name.
> More like ramrod:

Why do we have to re-invent the wheel after every change in USFS
leadership? We do have our own "ologists" who are respected and
perfectly capable of designing and implementing accurate surveys for
their areas of study. Many archeological surveys were done in the past
and do we have to re-do these surveys? Suitable habitats for certain
organisms are pretty much well-known so that surveys can be completed
in a timely manner.

In an emergency situation like we have going on now, why would we need
to nit-pick and fiddle around while forests burn? "Preservationists"
continue to use the old stalling tactics in order to gum up systems
designed to deal with national emergencies. Also, eco-system
management is still our number one priority.

Larry,   eco-forestry technician

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