Bearing the brunt of "Preservationist" frustration

Joe Zorzin abc at
Sat Mar 20 17:12:26 EST 2004

Yes, Larry, there are a few nut cases in the preservation camp- but, by and
large, it's the *&^%$# woodchucks who continue to clearcut and high-grade
most of North America that piss me off, not the handfull of tree hugging
fruit loops. Yet, too many of the academic "leaders" in forestry still want
to blame all forestry woes on the tree huggers- including the Mass.
Extension Forester and the Director of the Harvard Forest- read my rant
against their idiot report at
Joe Zorzin

"Larry Harrell" <lhfotoware at> wrote in message
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> Me and my two crew members were accosted by two climbers as we were
> doing our jobs today (selecting trees to be sprayed for bark beetles).
> We were cursed at by one climber at the top of his lungs, using plenty
> of expletives. He showed us his cancer tumor while ranting that his
> doctor told him to "live somewhere clean". Is there ANY place in
> Southern California that is free of all carcinogens? During his rant,
> he graciously said, "I know you are just doing your job but........(at
> the top of his lungs) f*ck you!!" and added several more screaming
> insults and tantrums. I stuck to the "high ground" and offered some
> suggestions, encouraged him to express his opinions and concerns, and
> to work within the system to have the best chance of getting his point
> across. He didn't want to hear it and continued screaming. I was VERY
> polite and did not try to defend the project.
> The other guy was pretty ignorant about ecosystem management, saying
> "It's pretty arrogant for you to think that you can do better than
> nature in fixing our forests." I explained that old growth elements of
> the forest can be saved without needing to let it burn
> catastrophically. He also claimed that the entire area in and around
> the town of Idyllwild had been clearcut 100 years ago. I looked
> around, using my highly educated eyes, and saw steep and rocky terrain
> that could not have been logged at the turn of the century. I also saw
> 300 year old trees nearby that somehow weren't cut 100 years ago. Even
> today, clearcuts could NOT be accomplished there without helicopters.
> He also stated that this messed up forest needs to burn so that nature
> can rebalance everything, including the town of Idyllwild (thinking
> that firefighters could save the houses still surrounded by
> overstocked and unhealthy forests).
> This is a prime example of how ignorant and frustrated
> "preservationists" are, even when we're trying to save old growth
> trees in recreation areas. My crew and I almost ended up biting our
> tongues in half. We should have just walked away and continued our
> work but, I tried to console the man and "feel his pain". I ended our
> contact with them by reminding them to be careful while climbing. I
> then made a command decision to not mention spraying when conversing
> with the public. We're now just "designating bark beetle study trees".
> I don't get paid enough to hold my temper when confronted by such
> ignorant extremist potty-mouths.
> Larry,   not talking to preservationists in person anymore

Now, now, Larry- there really aren't that many, anyways. <G>

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