Forest Paradise lost - with napalm and Compound 1080

mhagen replyto at group.only
Sun May 2 11:57:50 EST 2004

Joe Zorzin wrote:
> Writing to governments? Hah! That's funny- governments and the timber
> industry are usually in bed together- corrupt as any Mafia racket.
> JZ
>>I am very disturbed to learn about clear cutting of Tasmania'a old
>>growth forests. It is sort of reminiscent of what happened to the
>>Northwestern forests of US and Canada and the rain forests of
>>Indoneisa. More disturbing is the threat of unemployment to those
>>Tasmanians courageous enough to protest such destruction. What can
>>foreigners do to speak their minds to stop this? Will writing to
>>Tasmanian government officials help?
>>A Concerned Observer.

Sometimes it does.  Remember that crack about BC's rainforests being the 
Amazon of the North? That hit home.  The effect didn't last but 
embarrsassing a government does have it's upside.

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