Greetings from the Bitterroot NF

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Wed May 5 22:17:25 EST 2004

I've gotten a chance to tour our project areas here and I'm seeing
that there is still plenty of work that needs to be done. Mainly it's
the Douglas fir engraver beetle doing plenty of damage, with pockets
of mortality peppering the forest here. Much of it will be on
helicopter ground and it won't be lucrative but, it will keep some
people working. What does look lucrative is the log home business
around here.

We're working with some of the locals and they are looking at
continued downsizing. Of course, it's the field-going people who will
be losing their jobs, as management will remain in place. It's pretty
sad and I'm thinking that the forest will continue to suffer. As some
of you know, the corporate headquarters for the Sierra Club has moved
to Missoula (currently becoming "Californicized" with other corporate
icons moving into the city). I did get to take a picture of a sign at
the front door of a fairly remote market excluding "Earth Firsters".
If you'd like a copy, I can send it off to ya.

The country around here is exceptionally beautiful and rugged and the
wildlife is waking up from winter (a very mild one, snow-wise). We did
see a moose today! We also saw three mountain goats yesterday. There
are still a massive amount of dead trees from the fires almost
everywhere you look.

Larry,    travelling eco-forester

PS Mr. LeMessurier, I can help you out with your website a little,
supplying some pictures to illustrate some forestry basics and
problems.I can't really send too many (or too big) pictures via
e-mail. A CD-R is a possibility, too. All I ask is credit for each
picture you use.

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