Greetings from the Bitterroot NF

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Sat May 8 06:57:27 EST 2004

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> > There
> > are still a massive amount of dead trees from the fires almost
> > everywhere you look.
> It has been two winters since the Biscuit fire in the Siskiyou NF, and 
> so far not a single twig has been salvaged, or even offered for sale. 
> So, how is the mushroom crop?  Lots of morels?

We're not working in the burned areas but, the locals here say that
some of the areas are petering out now. It's hit or miss but there's
thousands of acres here to look and the scattered nature of the burn
mosaic here should allow those who know where to look to find some
good patches still. The "preservationists" have done a good job
preserving bark beetle habitat here on the Bitterroot.

Larry,      Heathy Forestry Technician

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