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Sun May 16 10:00:01 EST 2004

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> With an early spring here, we're seeing fresh beetle activity in
> perfectly green trees. If we're seeing this in the miniscule patches
> of timber we're working in, there has to be tens of thousands more
> green trees dying outside the units. Add to that the older snags that
> died in the fires and you have a catastrophic event in progress here.
> We're also staying out of the POTENTIAL lynx habitat in the higher
> elevations. Even though lynx hasn't been seen in most of those areas,
> we're still not allowed to harvest dead and dying trees, even with a
> helicopter.

Which brings up another question... When does a piece of land cease to
be POTENTIAL lynx habitat??? When ALL the trees are dead?? Same with
other endangered species habitat. This particular lynx habitat is only
designated by elevation and not really by stand composition. In
particular, some areas are included as habitat but are not at all good
habitat for the lynx's prey. Add to that the burned areas and the
bug-killed areas and what do you have left? Again, we're seeing
"preservationism" at work but they tend to exclude real science and do
not have any other plans other than strict preservationism. Instead of
thinking globally by harvesting dead and dying trees, they are
choosing to preserve locally and cut globally.

Larry,     Federal feng shui expert <G>

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