Greetings from the Bitterroot NF

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Tue May 18 21:07:48 EST 2004

Today we had a lovely day, marking salvage on wet helicopter/cable
ground. As the day wore on, the rains came back, turning into snow at
about lunch time. The two locals working with us weren't prepared but,
we did 20-30 acres anyway. They might come to dislike us for "raising
the bar" and showing their bosses that we crank out the work.
Originally, they only expected about 3 acres per person per day on the
steep stuff. Us TEAMS folks have "been there and done that" so it
doesn't matter what the conditions are. We just do the work. Actually
we just had a mandatory nationwide "stand-down" for safety. If we were
to follow those rules to the letter, we'd never get anything done in
the woods.

I'm supposed to be coming back here for another 21 day tour (latest 5
minute plan <G> ). I might have to drive all the way from Porterville,
CA to Hamilton, MT. (It all pays the same). Isn't "new-age forestry"

Larry,      have paintgun, will travel

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