"Natural forest devastation"?

Ian St. John istjohn at noemail.ca
Sat May 29 15:30:05 EST 2004

Dano wrote:
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>> May 27, 2004  The Salt Lake Tribune
>> Western forests are in danger, scientists say
>> by Don Thompson o the Associated Press
>> KINGS BEACH, Calif. -- Western forests may be on the brink of epochal
>> change, driven to permanent retreat in lower elevations by years of
>> drought and decades of fire suppression that has made them vulnerable
>> to a scourge of insects, scientists warned Wednesday.
> [snip]
>> Comment from poster: Good forestry can mitigate many of the impacts
>> of drought through thinning, fuels reduction projects and controlled
>> burning. Nowhere in the article does it even mention active
>> management. Do these "scientists" really ever get out there in the
>> woods (this decade)?
>> Larry,    in the woods, everyday
> Larry, I agree, but active management includes cutting large numbers
> of small caliper trees and then doing something with those trees,
> meaning re-tooling of mills and creating markets, etc. I, personally,
> would avoid that topic when talking to a reporter, because it creates
> tangents.

Rather than retool mills to try to use the wood as lumber, why not chip it
and use it to produce 'cellose ethanol' as fuel??? You could include
everything down to the leaf litter!

> If the reporter is not fully familiar with the issue (likely), the
> tangent can ruin the message. It is best to stick to one subject.
> Perhaps you may want to contact those scientists to ask them about it
> before you go passing judgement on what was said in a popular media
> article.
> Best,
> D

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