[Agroforestry] Re: tree cloning

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Sun Dec 25 11:24:56 EST 2005

Small piece of wood in the suitcase? No one would even notice that. You can
also mail a small cutting in a bubble mailer, most likely it will get
through unnoticed. Mail a couple of times to be sure. One will get through.
Don't waste your time with the customs. There are laws that simply can not
work and both trying to enforce them and trying to obey them is a waste of
time and resources. To the people who say that these laws are still a good
idea I can say that the communism is also a good idea, and fascism too))

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                                        eMail me if you can;)

<nickjaffe at gmail.com> wrote in message
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> hi all,
> i was wondering if it was yet possible to clone trees? in particular an
> oak tree. we have a particular oak which is of symbolic nature which
> we'd like to somehow capture, as it it being destroyed by a housing
> developer. i think it might be possible to create a cutting, but the
> issue is that i am now in another country, and bringing a cutting
> through customs may pose to be a minor issue... does any technology
> exist whereby maybe i could get a leaf or a small part of the tree to
> someone for cloning? i know this may sound rediculous, but it is a
> genuine enquiry.
> regards,
> nick.

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