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Sun Feb 13 15:14:54 EST 2005

On Feb. 19, 2005 there will be a free truffle forage to Paul Bishop's
Tree Farm, 22263 S. Dan's Ave., Beavercreek, OR 97004 from 10am to 1pm.
You _must be_ a member of either the North American Truffling Society
($15/year, tax-deductible) or Oregon Mycological Soceity in order to
attend this forage. Both these organizations have website where you can
learn more about them.

Truffles were first found at Paul Bishop's Tree Farm during a NATS
forage there in January, 1985 (which I attended). This was the location
of my very first mature truffle find, identified by the late Henry
Pavalek. I approached Paul and mentioned it was too bad no one knew how
to grow truffles. His property _might_ be more valuable as a truffle
producing farm than as a tree farm. He invited me to come out and try
inoculating truffles, which I did in 1986. What I consider inoculation
and what others consider "enhancement' apparently took place. Truffles
are now relatively common here. Over 60 species of hypogeous fungi have
been collected over the past 25 years, and several of those are species
novum, or species new to science.

Any truffles you find on this forage are yours. Other than joining one
of the above organizations, there is no fee. There will likely be many
people attending the forage, which is well attended by many mycologists
(mushroom scientists) and amateurs as well.

If you have never hunted for truffles, this may be your best chance!
There are often several knowledgeable people in attendance. In the past
the forage has been attended by Dr. James Trappe, Dr. Nancy
Smith-Weber, Dr. Judy Roger, Dr. Matt Trappe and many others. Paul's
sign-up sheets indicate attendance of at least 500 people in the past
20 years alone.

On Feb. 12, 2005 a commercial harvest uncovered
Tuber oregonense
Tuber gibbosum
Tuber sps. (near T. californicum)
Hymenogaster sp.
Barssia oregonense

I would not be surprised to find the following as well:

Martellia brunnescens
Martellia sp. nov.
Melanogaster natsii
Melanogster tuberiformis
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Rhizopogon villosulus
Elaphomyces sp. nov.

Posted as a courtesy by
Daniel B. Wheeler

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