[Agroforestry] Re: What is the best Pine Bark Beetle treatment?

dstaples dstaples at livingston.net
Sun Sep 18 15:08:49 EST 2005

Pine sawyers only attack dead trees, they are selling you a bill of goods.

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> My pines are loblolly and the beetle is most likely the pine sawyer,
> Monochamus titillator (Coleptera: Cerambycidae)
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> >> Recently we bought some land and are building a home.  We have several
> >> large pine trees that are a big part of the landscape.  I noticed some
> >> holes in the side of the trees and had a local nurseryman look at
> >> them.  He said we have pine bark beetles in the trees and suggested a
> >> treatment using the Wedgle Direct-Inject system as shown on
> >> www.arborsystems.com.  I think the insecticide that woud be injected
> >> is called Pointer.  Does anyone have experience with this system?   I
> >> would appreciate any comments and further suggestions about how to
> >> deal with this problem.  Thanks,   Jack
> >
> >Where are you located, and what is the species of pine?  Simple spraying
> >with an insecticide by you may be a WHOLE lot cheaper and just as
> >But, location and species are needed.  If southern pine, they are selling
> >you a bill of goods.
> >
> >

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