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Will Anderson will at drumin*.com
Thu Sep 22 16:14:45 EST 2005

In article <dgtpuc$4q$1 at gemini.csx.cam.ac.uk>, Nick Maclaren 
<nmm1 at cus.cam.ac.uk> writes
>As with the trash softwoods of much of the
>UK's moorland, you are doing well if you cover even the costs!
Hmm - Don't start me on that old chestnut! ;-)

>That is just plain bonkers.  It is unsuitable for burning in open
>fires, and the UK is showing no signs of setting up power stations
>to use such fuels.  Even if they were to be viable here, which is
>very doubtful, and Norfolk reed were not a rather better crop for
>the purpose on similar land!

I have burnt it in a woodburner but it has to have been well air dried 
and then it behaves like any other wood in a woodburner! Most people who 
try to burn poplar in an open fire don't dry it for long enough. 
Although I would prefer other species it can be used as firewood, after 
all, they make matches with it! ;-)



or just google for woodfuel on the UK pages, you might be surprised. 
There is a lot of effort going in to getting the same level of 
government support for biomass power as is currently given for, say, 

I agree that pure power generation is difficult to support but where 
these plants come into their own is in developments where they can 
produce combined heat and power. Co-firing in conventional power 
stations is also being looked at but is limited by lack of renewables 
support for this use by Gov. at present.

There is one proposal for a CHP plant in north Scotland which - if it 
gets off the ground - would use up to 150,000t/annum of timber. Albeit 
trash softwood and not poplar! ;-)



Will Anderson

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