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Tue May 16 07:12:48 EST 2006

Repairing tree barkYes works for me
  "Robert Davies" <robert.davies at colchester.ac.uk> wrote in message news:e4cepj$d6d$1 at news.mc.ntu.edu.tw...

  I've found a plastic bag fastened arranged ther damaged area worked fine for me.
    "Matthews, Paul" <Paul.Matthews at bmo.com> wrote in message news:mailman.103.1142000552.16885.ag-forst at net.bio.net...

    I hope this email is not wasting your time but I saw your address on bio.net and would appreciate it if you 

    would give me some advice.

    I have an old apple tree in my garden. The bark at near the base has been badly damaged and I have been

    wondering if this will hurt the tree if not treated. Is there anything I can apply over the damaged area to protect it?

    Thankyou very much and sorry if this has come to the wrong person.


    Paul Matthews

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