[Agroforestry] New Elm Trees

Peter Bourne peter.elmcity at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 20:39:59 EST 2006

Dear Stephen,

Its your lucky day. Even though I may be very well out of date with a reply. I only just found a reply you did to elms in New Hampshire from a Amanada Wight. I am Peter Bourne, a founding Honorable Member of the Tree Register in the UK and have been looking into elms for the last 20 years. I am not qualified and not sponsored. I have financed myself for all these years and have spent a great deal, of many travelling and taking pictures. I have many good resources and can put others in contact with those who share the same interest in Ulmus as me. 

New Elm Trees are something I have been looking into for the City of Brighton and Hove here. I dio not work for them, but I am constantly advicing themon which elms to add to the national collection on the genus based here. this city recently planted examples of Ulmus 'Homestead' and Ulmus wilsoniana 'Prospector' and already wanting to add more. We were honored when Morton Arboretum, Chicago sent us seeds of rarae Chinese species for raising. These seeds are now small trees. Of these Ulmus szechaiana is the most promising. The city often plants Ulmus 'Lobel' as a replacement to DED losses, as well as Ulmus 'Dodoens', Ulmus glabra, Ulmus x hollandica 'Vegeta' and Ulmus minor subsp. sarniensis. We have a population of 25-30 000 elms in the area, many of which are rare. They include the world's largest girthed English elm (See attachments STA70105 , PP-A-A-095 and PP-5-71900 (13)). We have a long established DED control zone, established in 1970. The city council has been the National Collection holder for the genus Ulmus since 1998 and by then there were already over 120 different types of elm. Attachment HodsPlaceVill1 shows Ulmus villosa (of which there 3 trees in maturity); crespinwayrare1 shows Ulmus wallichiana and RPGA1-900 shows the city's most famous elm, an example of Ulmus glabra 'Horizontalis' opposite the Royal Pavilion. Planted in 1900. 

I would be pleased to send any data (in pdf format) for you to look at. There will be no fee. But I would be interested in any information you can give concerning elms in Australia. I would be very interested in any variegated elms or golden varieties as both are in short supply here, both as availability and also information.

So please if I can help, please feel free to contact me.

Regards. Peter Bourne

PS. The Elm Research Centre in New Hampshire did produce elms for sale. These were Ulmus 'New Harmony' and Ulmus 'Valley Forge'. I think also Ulmus americana 'Liberty' was on their agenda too (?).

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