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I don't have any specific advice, but I did a fair bit of research on
the influence of added carbon (in the form of charcoal) on tropical
soils - glomalin needs carbon, adding small quantites in the form of
slow burned woods to the soil, followed by mulching (mimicking the
natural tropical root mat) dramatically increased the ability of
mycorrhyzae to colonise and increase in previously depleted soils.

Gill W.

rand dawson wrote:
> Dan: Im an old retired atty trying to learn something about a few enviro issues and have spent the last 4-5 hrs reading about glomalin and wanted to send the info to some industrious friends that do native reveg work in Australia. I was wondering if the S Australia tree or brush country has a moderate or profound mycorrhizal population, such that the US info Im seeing about glomalin wd have some bearing for these folks in their arid native grass/veg restoration works?
> Or perhaps I shd start by assuming that natives grasses (which I assume are perennials) have their own well-established My. groups?
> Half their work is within some understory areas...but a lot isnt.
> For what its worth, some of the very "advanced" grape (dryland_ growers) are trying the native grasses between rows, but I sense its because the water uptake issues/root structures are different than introduced grasses. I dont recall them referencing some suspected benefit from related My. groups.
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