[Agroforestry] Building forest

geni via ag-forst%40net.bio.net (by researcher.internet from gmail.com)
Thu Mar 13 01:54:55 EST 2008


I wish to inform you about new project that can help in reducing co2
levels the major cause of global warming.

Intention of project is to use the strength of numbers and synergy of
action to make positive changes.

Please visit:


It is our goal to wake awareness of problems to population and give
people means to act in few single steps.

People do not like problems, they strive to forget them (if you don't
think about it maybe it will disappear).

Because of that please send this email to your friends and ask them
do the same.

With time news will spread and awareness will grow and with awareness
the will to act will be stronger.

Best regards.

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