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Gerald I agree with your observations BUT then again if it is his money, it
is his problem. However, if he is using country from the State you should
inform the appropriate agencies of your concern.


The university has a lab in Georgia we clone with but bioengineer is another
issue completely.


We spend a lot of time trying to correct the misconceptions about paulownia.
Like teak was the panacea twenty years ago, paulownia is rapidly falling
into that category.


Gerald, ENOCIS has an investors web site www.panampro.com for people
interested in investing in managed paulownia forests. The numbers therein,
are by third parties and not the university so it adds credibility to its


As a swag, in ten years one can earn approximately $115,000 USD gross from
investing $10,000 USD in one hectare of paulownia, in the tropics, not
hundreds of thousands as is purported on some pages.


David W Morris


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I went to Smale's web site too.  But I wonder about his figures, for
example:  "Grains produce approximately 10 tonnes of grain per acre. Empress
SplendorT is capable of producing up to 70 tonnes of cellulose per acre."  


Wheat yields in Ontario average about 65-70 bu/acre; with wheat @60lb./bu,
that works out to about 4,000 lb./acre, or 2 tons.   So maybe I have to
divide his 70 tons of Paulownia by 5 too?


I'm also wondering about his description of Empress Splendor as a
"bioengineered" plant.  Is he just referring to the plant as being
propagated by tissue culture, or has it been genetically altered; if so,
what specifically did the breeder do to it?  I can't find any information on
the genetic history.




On 16-Mar-09, at 12:15 AM, David W Morris wrote:


"A Bob Smale from Mossley, Ontario, Canada is promoting the sale of "Empress
Splendor" a strain of Paulownia tomentosa.  He's planting 1000 trees in the
area.  Will be curious to see how cold-hardy they are".


Gerald the Enoch Olinga College (ENOCIS) will be interested in knowing the
results too since paulownia are ok for commercial purposes up to zone 5.


I went to his web site and looked at the trees. The trees, leaves and
flowers look just like our paulownia elongata. www.paulownianow.org Take a


David W Morris



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