[Agroforestry] poverty reduction in nepal

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Fri Nov 20 04:21:49 EST 2009

Hi all,

Nepal is developing country, majorities of neplese communities are
under develop and poverty base line. There are many communities
earning below 1$ per day , but the possibilities of development is
high if proper vocational traning and youth empowerment in self
employment generating activities is process.

Nepal Integrated Conservation and Develpment Society (NICDS) is non
profitable , social organization with the vision to encourage the
Neplese communities to involve in income generating activities.
Currently NICDS is conducting the herbal farming and bee keeping in
the mid hill of Nepal.

We request individuals , firm or corporate organization to helps us
this program and also request for the international market of our
villager herbal product and honey.

with regards

Dipendra Adhikari

Email: dipen.... from gmail.com
New Baeshwor, kathmandu, Nepal

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