[Agroforestry] habitat fragmentation management through agroforestry

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Hello Juan,

>From a spatial point of view, look at the fragstats software and r.le programs. 

You could design the corridors created by your interventions at the landscape (that is create an imaginary GIS dataset with your agroforestry regime).
Then run the landscape homogeneity tests for the current, and the future landscape. The index values could provide an indicator of the effect of your interventions.

Hope this helps,


Dimos P. Anastasiou

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> Subject: [Agroforestry] habitat fragmentation management through agroforestry
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> Hi
> Does anyone know how to approch a resarch study on how
> agroforestry could stop habitat fragmentation? or, How
> agrofrestry corridors could be use to connect fragmented
> patches? Any information would be helpful!!!
> Thank you
> Juan Durango
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