[Agroforestry] Re: Quabbin forest massacre

Chris Stone via ag-forst%40net.bio.net (by stoneforestry from gmail.com)
Thu Feb 4 07:37:31 EST 2010

On Feb 1, 7:16 pm, "Joe" <j... from invalid.invalid> wrote:
> www.maforests.org/QUABBIN.pdf

I know the document is supposed to be a condemnation, but there are
several examples of excellent forestry there.  I especially like the
Bing shots of the group selection harvest.

It's easy to guess what the author doesn't like about what he chose to
take pictures of, but that's clearly a simple dislike of timber
harvesting.  What is troubling is that it is represented as a
"massacre" in this group.  Even a simple disagreement with the concept
of larger openings, whether group/patch selection or even-aged
removals wouldn't seem to merit anything other than a reasonable
debate between professionals on the issues.  Offering simple
photographs is simply a means to begin discussion on aesthetics,
nothing more.

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