[Agroforestry] Re: Quabbin forest massacre

Chris Stone via ag-forst%40net.bio.net (by stoneforestry from gmail.com)
Sun Feb 7 08:45:25 EST 2010

Mike, I don't think the primary objective is removal of an exotic
species.  In most cases, it is that the stands haven't been tended
properly and as a result of high density have failed to develop to
thier full potential and often are succumbing to pest infestations and
fungal diseases, necessitating the removal cut.  Also, they are
sometimes simply at the end of the rotation.

Tricky part here is that red pine stands generally will not self-
sustain on these soils, and though Norway spruce does very well in
certain areas, it usually doesn't thrive past a certain point of
previously degraded areas, i.e. those areas that were former sheep
pasture or intensively cultivated.  So the shelterwood method is often
modified to use seed source from surrounding hardwoods resulting
(usually) in a mixture of native hardwoods.


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