[Agroforestry] Honey locust research irrigated high desert AZ 5900 ft elevation

Mike Meixler via ag-forst%40net.bio.net (by meixler from citlink.net)
Fri Jun 18 14:01:19 EST 2010


My name is Mike Meixler. I live in concho, Az which is high and dry in  
temperate desert. Plenty of cold winter with snow and hot summers. low  
rainfall with 10-12 inches

about half during the monsoons and half to snowfall.  I currently have  
about 70 acres under irrigation where I raise grass fed beef in a  
rotational grazing scheme.

I planted about 100 honey locust trees on a permaculture swale the  
captures my irrigation tailwater and they seem to be thriving.
I want to plant about 30 -40 acres of hillsides with honey locust  
strips on swales to capture runnoff with strips of pasture in between  
to grazw with elec. fence.  Can anyone

steer me where I can get seeds or young trees to plant?  I ordered  
some from lawer nursery in MT but recently found out that many of the  
trees have been bred to

throw off less pods rather than more.

thank you,

Mike Meixler

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