[Agroforestry] shade nets with far red

Gerald van Koeverden via ag-forst%40net.bio.net (by vnkvrdn from yahoo.ca)
Wed Apr 6 12:57:43 EST 2011

I've searched far and wide for shade nets that actually simulate the light transmission spectrum of a heavy plant canopy.  After contacting several companies who make shade nets, I've practically given up trying to find a manufactured product.  

I've discovered many shade nets of various degrees of transmitted luminosity, and some coloured nets.  But no nets actually simulate a real canopy - one for example which transmits a large amount of far red, with only some of the rest.

I'm asking this forum for help, since I know that many forest species of plants must have developed under such light regimes, and maybe somebody has come up with something.  Of course, these wild species might grow vegetatively just as well under a merely reduced light luminosity, but they might not, for example, be able to flower under these conditions. 

The only artificial film to simulate the effect of a heavy canopy that I've come across in the literature is the use of a 3M film called "nearl20".  However this is not only very expensive, but also difficult to use since it is a film, not a fabric.


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