ageing, outdoor environment, quality of life

Kim Mills kim at NOVA.NPAC.SYR.EDU
Thu Oct 11 09:05:16 EST 1990

I too expected to see more information on ageing when I subscribed to this
network.  I would like to receive comments on the following topic:


environmental design and planning; response to thermal environment by
elderly population; climate sensitive design/planning of facilities for
the elderly; minimum design standards


in the elderly, there is a relationship between satisfaction, quality
of life, depression and well-being to recreation, exercise, and experience
of outdoor environment.


climate assessment techniques, design for climate amelioration, standards
for open space design for elderly users

My request:

I'm looking for previous examples of climate analysis and design of outdoor
spaces for elderly users, and references to agencies/funding sources concerned
with housing, design issues.

Thanks for any comment
Kim Mills

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