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Wed Jul 17 16:49:25 EST 1991

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>I assume you all saw the note from the management re the probable
>demise of thie group due to low traffic.  Yet, when I posted a couple
>of things on it, I received 5-6 answers each through e-mail...many
>of which wanted to know if the group is always this inactive.  Yes,

I had been waiting until I had a better idea of the tone and subject 
matter.  The few postings I've seen have been beyond my level of expertise.

I became interested in the biochemistry of aging because of a recurring 
nightmare I had as a child that my father would become old (through the 
doings of some nefarious outlaws B-) and I would have the key to stop them 
but be unable to use it.  Interest was rekindled a few years ago when I was 
a member of the AAAS (through reading their journal), and with the 
publication of the Pearson and Shaw book.

I've checked some of their references in the journals and they are legit, 
but I still get the impression from their writing style & appearances as 
well as from disparaging references to them in the writings of others, that 
they are not very well accepted.

Most of the molecular biology I've seen carried out here at FSU centers 
on DNA itself (in which I have little direct interest) and the immune 
system.  The U's one center for the study of aging is concerned with social 
and psychological issues.

Could anyone refer me to other writings to help balance and extend what 
little information I have?

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