Diane Foster DFOSTER at ua1vm.bitnet
Sat May 4 14:27:24 EST 1991

    The needs of the elderly.  I'm trying to develop a transportation
service in the Greater Tuscaloosa, Alabama area.  Part of this service
will be enhanced by having professionals (lawyers, social workers, and
physical therapists) onboard at various times to talk, and inform the
elders on issues concerning them.  I'm in the process of doing a
transportation needs assesstment.  This seems like the perfect net to
get and give feedback.  I will be sending a copy to GERINET as well.
Anyone out there have any opinions on my idea.  I'm majoring in
gerontology as an undergraduate, and I'm taking a minor in business.
I see the future of service delivery to the elderly and I want to
take advantage of it.  Not selfishly however, for I am a baby boomer
as well as caretaker. I'm looking out for my best interest with a desire
to help others along the way.

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